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Deanna Saylor, MD, MHS

Dr. Deanna Saylor is a neuro-infectious diseases and neuroimmunology specialist with a particular interest in the neurological complications of HIV. She has an active research program investigating the epidemiology and outcomes of neurological disease in low- and middle-income countries and in neurology medical education in resource-limited settings. Dr. Saylor is based full-time in Lusaka, Zambia where she began the first inpatient neurology service and serves as the program director of the first and only neurology post-graduate training program in Zambia, both of which are housed at the University Teaching Hospital and the University of Zambia School of Medicine. She is also an Assistant Professor of Neurology and  Director of the Global Neurology Program at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.


Dr. Saylor earned her medical degree at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and completed neurology residency and a fellowship in Neuroimmunology and Neuro-Infectious Diseases at the Johns Hopkins Hospital.

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