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A Roadmap for Stroke Care in the Caribbean

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Event Description


Join us for an insightful webinar hosted by the World Neurology Foundation in collaboration with Mission Thrombectomy. Stroke stands as a leading cause of death and disability worldwide, with the Caribbean region experiencing a notably high incidence of mortality and morbidity attributed to stroke. Despite advancements, the Caribbean faces unique challenges in stroke care, including cultural beliefs favoring home remedies over hospital care, limited access to neurologists, challenges in EMS infrastructure, and financial barriers hindering CT scans accessibility for timely diagnosis and treatment. Mission Thrombectomy strives to expedite global access to stroke treatment and care, while concurrently raising public awareness regarding stroke symptoms. Mechanical Thrombectomy, a gold-standard procedure for large vessel occlusions, offers promising outcomes when performed by experts within 6-24 hours of symptom onset, potentially reversing devastating stroke effects in over 60% of patients. Regrettably, less than 3% of stroke victims worldwide presently have access to this life-saving intervention. This webinar will shed light on the critical issues surrounding stroke care in the Caribbean and explore strategies to address these challenges. Let's make a difference in stroke care together!




Dr. Gillian Gordon Perue is an assistant professor of vascular neurology at the Leonard M Miller School of Medicine University of Miami and serves as Chief of neurology and Director of the stroke program at 3 Community Hospitals: Jackson South, Jackson West and Jackson North Medical Centers. Dr. Gordon Perue serves as a Co-Investigator and Director of the Education and Training Core at the University of Miami Florida Stroke Registry and for the Florida Department of Health Coverdell grant. Her research focuses on reducing disparities in transitions of care after stroke and management of hypertension to prevent stroke. She is the first author on multiple publications, speaks both locally and internationally, has been a moderator at the International Stroke Conference and the American Academy of Neurology. In her efforts to increase access to stroke care for underserved populations, she works closely with the Global Campaign Mechanical Thrombectomy (MT2020+) and the World Stroke Organization, partnering with hospitals and physicians in the Caribbean to become stroke certified centers. She is a graduate of the University of the West Indies in Jamaica and works closely with her Caribbean colleagues to advance Stroke and Neurological Care in the region. She is a fellow of the American Academy of Neurology and Fellow of the American Heart Association.


Dr. Nycole Joseph is originally from St. Lucia. She completed her Neurology residency and Vascular Neurology fellowship at the Mayo Clinic and currently works as a Neurohospitalist in Tennessee.

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