Improving Neurological Care and Education - For All

The World Neurology Foundation serves as a catalyst for the improvement of neurological care and education by providing educational tools and resources to healthcare providers in low- resourced regions. The Foundation's low-cost, high-impact projects reflect our commitment to improving patient care for the world's neediest people.


Making neurology education accessible to all



Neuroshare is a leading initiative of the World Neurology Foundation that provides open-source, highly accessible quality educational resources to support an improved curriculum of neurology practice all across the globe, especially in low-resourced regions. Educational material is donated by with renowned medical institutions including Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and Harvard Medical School to provide high-quality learning resources to regions in need.


Providing basic neurological assessment equipment to African caregivers and neurology students

Toolkits for Africa has to date supported 14 different African countries including Uganda, Cameroon, Nigeria, and Burkina Faso. Each toolkit is sponsored by individual donors, academic neurology departments, and neurology and neurosurgery practices, and are distributed to African health professionals who have requested support.