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Global Neurology Research Hub

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What is the Global Neurology Research Hub?

The Global Neurology Research Hub is an online platform that showcases research projects and programs in the field of neurology from all around the world. It provides a centralized location where researchers, healthcare professionals, and organizations can connect and collaborate to advance research in neurology and its subspecialties.




Completely free and accessible to all individuals

Brings together all global neurology-related projects onto one centralized platform

Features a variety of clinical, educational, outreach, and teaching projects/programs

Program Objectives

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Promote international collaboration among researchers, healthcare professionals, and organizations to accelerate progress in the field of Neurology and its many subspecialties

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Improve access to information about Neurology research projects and programs by providing an open-access platform for researchers and healthcare professionals

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Advance knowledge and understanding of neurological conditions and their treatments through research and education

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Submission and Review Process

Featured Projects

SNAP (Study of Aging among Persons Living with HIV)

To conduct a prospective, exposure-control cohort study of older adults living with HIV...

Can Capacity Building at Primary Care Level Improve Access to Epilepsy Care in Chhattisgarh? An Implementation Research

With anti seizure medicine treatment almost all treatment naïve persons with epilepsy have reduced seizure frequency and 50-60% become seizure free...

Assessing Dementia and Frailty among Older Persons in rural Eastern Uganda

Dementia (memory problems) and frailty (weakness, fatigue) cause medical, social, and economic challenges...

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