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Meet your blog team for 2024

We are so excited to introduce you to our 2024 blog team!

Dr Yakira Mishan is a General Practitioner and aspiring neurologist in South Africa. She is passionate about all of neurology but in particular neuro-ophthalmology and global neurology.

Through her work in South Africa she has seen the barriers of lower socio-economic classes to receiving the best neurological care for their diseases. Furthermore, she has seen the challenges and costs of disability to people who are already struggling financially. It is her goal to improve equitable access to neurological care, medications and education and is excited to be the Chief Blog Editor for the World Neurology Foundation to further this mission.

Dr Mishan earned her medical degree from the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa.

Dr. Tamara Welte, MD, Dr. med., is a neurologist and epileptologist in training, as well as a research associate at the Global Neurology working group at the Centre for Global Health at the Technical University of Munich, Germany.

As a clinician and researcher, she has a keen interest in the global aspects of neurology, with special focus on epilepsy and stroke related projects in sub-Saharan Africa.

She is also a member of the Global Neuro Research Coalition, where she is serving as the scientific coordinator. After serving as Chief Blog Editor in 2023, she will continue to support the WNFO Blog in 2024 as a co-editor.


William Libling  is serving as an inaugural member of the WNFO Advisory Council.

He graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor of Science with dual majors of Biochemistry and Molecular and Cellular Biology. Additionally he holds a Master of Biomedical Science degree from the California University of Science and Medicine, and is currently finishing his 4th year of medical school at Midwestern University in Arizona. He plans on starting his first year of neurology residency this summer.

His interests include patient care, clinical research and clinical trials for neurological conditions. Additionally, he is passionate about finding solutions to global healthcare disparities, with a special focus on people with neurological disorders in locations with limited medical services.

Dr. Yadav is a resident physician enrolled in the Tufts Neurology residency program in Boston. He is currently engaged in an internship at Lahey Hospital and Medical Center. His professional interests lie in the fields of vascular neurology and neurocritical care.

His experience working as a junior doctor in rural Nepal taught him that treatment outcomes in resource-poor settings are influenced by a variety of factors, including patients’ financial ability, sociocultural beliefs, and disease-related stigmas. He believes that health is a fundamental right and that no one should be denied clinical care because of where they were born or their ability to pay. This sparked his interest in global neurology, and the aim to improve neurological care in resource-limited settings through education, training, and research of healthcare workers in these countries. He is particularly interested in low-cost alternatives for the diagnosis and treatment of neurological diseases, the engagement of community health volunteers in the identification and early referral of neurological conditions, and low-cost tele-neurology.

Dr. Yadav earned his medical degree at the Tribhuvan University, Institute of Medicine in Kathmandu, Nepal. While pursuing his residency, he hopes to continue his work in global neurology and promote the well-being of those affected by neurological conditions globally.

Dr Varada Shukla completed her undergraduate studies at the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa. She is currently a Medical Officer in Neurology, with the aim to specialize within the field.

She is deeply passionate about the marriage of Neurology and Global Health, and this is what motivated her to join the  World Neurology Foundation.

Her other interests include Clinical Research and in her spare time she can be found reading a book.


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